Sunday, May 20, 2007

Learning to Love You More

If you haven't seen this great website please check it out.
I've submitted photographs for Assignment #43 Make an exhibition of the art in your parent's house.

I chose my mum's house to make the exhibition out of. Most of the art on the walls is either made by me or my sister, but I chose the art that wasn't. And you know it was a really interesting experience to look at what Mum had there. Many artworks had just become background images of life at home, but with choosing them and thinking about what to say about them was really revealing. Many pictures are symbolic of our values as a family and as individuals.
I took photos of dad's house before he moved to Cairns as another option for the project, but you can only have one so I chose mum's house. I might put them up on the blog a bit later just for fun.